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Registration form

Registration form

Welcome tot USVV (Utrecht Students Soccer Society) Odysseus '91!

Are you interested in joining Odysseus '91 to play soccer? 

We realise our website is Dutch, and the registration form below this information is Dutch as well... We are sorry for this inconvenience. The registration form is an official form set up by the Dutch National Soccer Association (the KNVB), which we need for our registration system. They don't have an English form (yet) unfortunately. 

By filling out this form, you give us note of your interest in joining our club. You will automatically receive a copy of your completed form at the e-mail address you filled in. As soon as we've got a potential spot available, you'll be invited by the Technical Committee (TC). Therefor make sure your e-mail address and telephone numer are correct. During the season waiting for a spot to open up can last a while, because our teams are obviously already filled entirely. This can take 1 up to 1.5 years. When the Technical Committee finds a spot for you, you still have to be a student for at least a year. 

It's possible to sign in as a full (match playing) member, so you'll be playing training as well as matches. Also it is possible to sing in as a training member. In that case you'll be allowed to join training only.

Training & Matches
The time schedules for training are, depending on which team you'll be playing in, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Matches are always played on Saturdays.

Conditions for becoming a member
You can only become a member if you meet one of the requirements of the A-category of Sportcentrum Olympos. These are:

  • Studying at a Dutch university;
  • Studying at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht;
  • Studying at the University of Humanistic Studies;
  • Studying at the HKU School of the Arts.

There's one exception; this applies to students attached to The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. These students meet the requirements of the B-category at Olympos, but they are counted as students as well.

Sports card (OlymPas)

In order to exercise at Sportcentrum Olympos, you need to have got a valid sports card, the OlymPas. You can purchase this OlymPas for 140,- euro at the beginning of each season, at the counter of Olympos. In addition, you have to mention that you're a member of Odysseus and you need a student card or proof of enrollment from your university.
With the OlymPas, you also can exercise more sports than just soccer. For all options, see

The contribution is taken from your account by an authorization of you. Or you must directly transfer it to the club account. On yearly base this costs 70,- euro for a full member. As a training member you pay 30,- euro per season and the members of the team Lady's 8th pay 40,- euro per season. The amount will be automatically taken of your account in one term. New members also pay once the KNVB-costs of their playing card (2,40 euro) and transfer (8,30 euro). 

Introduction 'de Afrap' ('the Kick off', three days)
For those who are new to the club there's an obligatory introduction (three days) at the end of August, called 'de Aftrap' ('the Kick off'). Next to the fact that this is a lot of fun, it is the perfect way to get to know the club and all other members. Also if you've joined the club during the season, you are required tot attent to the first following occasion. For this three days, registration and more information will be sent along with the registration form to become member, as soon as you're invited by the Technical Committee and the secretary. 

If you want to register for Odysseus, you can fill out the registration form. If you need any help with the form, you can always contact the secretary of Odysseus at [email protected]

Click here for the registration form. 


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